Harajuku Wanders

I am now back from Japan and cannot wait to show you guys all of my adventures! It really was a trip of a lifetime and I had such a great time travelling – I can safely say I have seen something for everyone, from the kawaii fashions of Tokyo, to the serene mountains of rural Japan, and stunning Geisha of Kyoto. I will be posting every day so keep checking back 🙂

I’m not doing these in the order of my trip, so first I thought I would show you my most favorite area of Tokyo, the fantastic Harajuku.

Harajuku was everything that I expected Tokyo to be – busy, bright, and full of brave fashionable teens experimenting in the wonders of kawaii style clothes! I saw so many young girls wearing beautiful dresses, although from my overall Tokyo experience, nearly everyone, including men, dress amazingly well anyway!

The best place in Harajuku for clothes is Takeshita Street, a long narrow street packed with shoppers and affordable quirky clothes shops. You’ll also find a 100yen store, which is basically the equivalent to our £1 stores and great for stocking up on cheap souvenirs.

You’ll also find at least 5 Japanese street crepe shops, an absolute must for the sweet tooth. You can even get a cheesecake in it!

After all that shopping you can literally cross the road and find pure serenity in the Meiji Shrine, a dedication to the late Emperor Meiji and his wife. When you’re there, you forget that you’re in the middle of Tokyo, as it is pure silence, and you can take a moment to collect your thoughts.

There’s also a massive collection of sake barrels, this is only a third of the collection! Anyone for a party?

Harajuku has something for everyone, from cheap backstreet stores, to every designer brand under the sun. I also dare anybody to visit Kiddyland, a famous toyshop, and not spend a fortune! They have everything from Disney, Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and much much more, all over 4 floors of shopping delight!

Tomorrow’s post will be on the Tokyo Skyline, and some tips for visiting.

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