Tokyo Skyline – The City at Night

Everybody who visits a large city never truly gets a feel for how enormous it actually is until they actually view it from the sky. Tokyo has many ways in which you can do this; from Tokyo Tower and from the new Skytree – however for those doing Tokyo on a budget, a free visit to the Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku does the trick.

This photo was taken from the opposite side of the photo before it, and all that is there is city skyline off into the horizon.

Wearing my new skirt (outfit post for it coming soon!)

I thought that when I got to Tokyo I would feel really small and insignificant, but I never once experienced this. During my time in Japan I received help off strangers in some potentially awful situations when I did not even ask for it, and without them I quite possibly would have been stranded. In my four weeks there I experienced rudeness from other people what I would have experienced in one day at home – there is a sense that other people genuinely care about those around them. 

I just so happened to be there the night Tokyo won the right to host the Olympics in 2020, and saw the building lit up for it! I really recommend that anyone who is going to Tokyo visit this if they have the time. 

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