Hello Stockholm

Today has been a long day, but I have arrived in Stockholm!

The flight to Sweden was actually short and sweet, taking only two and a half hours; from the air you can really see the beauty of Scandanavia – the water is so blue, and the woodland areas look straight out of a fantasy film. We even caught some snowy mountains flying over Norway.

From what  I have seen of Stockholm so far, it is a beautiful city, and an incredibly mix of old and modern. You’re not quite sure what to describe it as. The restaurants and shops and fascinating, if somewhat expensive too, but I have never been so entertained by window shopping. 

As a city break, I could not be happier; we were straight through the airport, on a direct train to the city which took only 18 minutes, one stop on the metro, and then wham we were at the hotel. Quick, easy, job’s a good’un.