Gran Canaria – Arriving

So I finished university and we went to Gran Canaria to celebrate!

As a frequent traveler it was strange for me to take an actual ‘holiday’. Despite my European travels, Sweden and Japan, I hadn’t been on a package holiday since I was around 13, when I went to Majorca. It was there that I became frustrated with the commercialism of ‘holidays’; I wanted culture, not Pizza Hut and an Irish Bar. 


Gran Canaria is a beautiful island; if you stick with me for the next post you can see how outstanding the natural landscape of the island is. Not to be missed!

Tourist areas are confined to small resorts – the one we stayed in was Puerto Rico in the South, which was just the right size. Not too overcrowded or maze like, but still had enough to get you by. With excursions you can see the true beauty, beyond the tourism, which even includes going under the waves to see some colourful ocean-life. 

It is also the perfect place for sun seekers, Gran Canaria in the South is only 700 miles from the Equator, meaning you get a North African climate and guaranteed sunshine every day! (Take factor 50+ for fair skin).

The best feature of our hotel, Marina Suites, was the infinity pool – I don’t know how I’ll go back to normal pools!

Our balcony view of the sun setting across the Marina.

Check back in two days for some of the most stunning scenes I have ever seen, right in the heart of the island! (And me also looking slightly ridiculous in weird pants.)

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