Gran Canaria – The Real Island

I do not holiday. I travel.

When my Significant Other surprised me with a ‘holiday’ for my 21st birthday I went through a cycle of emotions that I hadn’t really experienced before. I was looking forward to sun, relaxation, and the swimming pool – in contrast to my usual, ‘heritage, culture, and living the “do as the Romans do” way’. 

From Gran Canaria I did NOT expect some of the best natural landscape views I had ever seen.

A little village we stopped by in, great view point for some of the best scenery in the south of the Island.

From the height of 1800m

The highest peaks on the island.

The best way to see these views is to make your way to Fataga, a beautifully traditional town (think white stone buildings with terracotta roofs and beautiful churches). I imagine it would be amazing to stay there.

Another part of the natural beauty of Gran Canaria can be found under the waves. The water is so clear, and snorkeling here will provide you a window into the most stunning marine life. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos, but I promise you starfish and all-colours-of-the-rainbow fish.

Gran Canaria is so much more than a ‘by the pool’ holiday, if you want to you can turn it into an amazing cultural and adventurous experience. With the benefit of all round sunshine! 

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