Hadrian’s Wall Wandering

On the back of playing a tourist in my hometown, we spent the day going for a stroll (as in a 5 hour hike) along the world heritage site of Hadrian’s Wall.

It was also a good excuse to try out my new camera! (Which apparently is a huge contrast fan, sorry about that)

If you don’t know, Hadrian’s Wall is a 75 coast-to-coast wall in northern Britain, built during the Roman settlement in Britain. Historian views on why the wall was constructed vary, but it is commonly known as, ‘the edge of the Empire’ (the Roman one that is). Think of it as The Wall from Game of Thrones and it might help. 

It was a no make up day, don’t judge!

This was actually a great walk, we parked at Once Brewed, the wall starts about a 2 minute walk up the road opposite the car park.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos, if you’re in the area I do recommend this as a day out, but do be prepared to crack out the walking boots!

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