Lindisfarne: A Northumbria Treasure

There are a lot of treasures in the North that usually go unseen. The Island of Lindisfarne is one of them.

It is around an hours drive north of Newcastle, 20 minutes under the boarder of Scotland, and you can only reach it when the tide is out, and the single road on and off the island is dry. Sounds cool, yeah?

It’s a tiny little island, and theres a small cluster of people that live there. The cottage, of course, are so nice and quaint.

For a day there, I would highly recommend the Mead shop (free tasters!), the homemade fudge shop, and a walk along the beaches to the south for some guaranteed seal spotting. When the tide is out, the beaches to the north are huge, from the start of the beach you struggle to see the shore!  If you like nature, there are so many flowers for you to get snap happy with. 

History? Got you covered. The famous Lindisfarne Gospels were made here, and the ruins of the huge priory date back to 637AD.

As a day out, it certainly is an experience, and a must see for visitors to Northumberland.

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