UK Travel / Kielder Water at Northumberland

It was one of those days where I could have potentially took some amazing photographs…but my DSLR was flat, so instead, I had to rely on my trusty iPhone to do the job (something which, shockingly, I hadn’t done very much of!)

Although I realize now that I had taken all of my photos in square instead of the normal mode…

ANYWAY, upon waking up on this January morning and realizing that it was actually decent I proposed a drive up to Kielder Water and Forest, north of Hadrians Wall in Northumberland.

It’s a man-made reservoir surrounded by a beautiful forest, which provides the means for all kinds of activities: canoeing, fishing, nature trails, or general bad-ass relaxation. Of course mid-January it was absolutely dead and we were able to enjoy the peace and quiet (right up until my car-exhaust went and I might as well have been playing death metal at full volume with my windows open, because it would have disrupted the peace no more).

Obligatory nature selfie 

For fellow North-Easterner Kielder seems to be a little unheard of, but if you’re craving some good outdoors without hiking to the Lake District it can make for a nice day out. Take the dog if you have one, they would absolutely love it and they are most welcome! 

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