Let’s Talk #2 – Blogging

Thought it was about time to jump into my Let’s Talk series, and what better way to start it off than getting right down to the good stuff! 


If by some chance you’ve stumbled across me and don’t have one of these yourselves, here’s some things to think about. Also, if you do have one, the key to keeping it going is to know why, deep down, why you are doing it in the first place (money and gifts is never a good reason!).

First off I don’t like Facebook – it’s extremely personal, and yet very not-so in another way. Yes, your date of birth, place of birth, what mood you’re in, but it lacks to depth to actually convey stories. Here I have an area for me to share on, and a lovely little following that is interested in what I have to say!


I’m also a little bit of a photography fanatic, but not so much into it that I feel like photography websites are the place for me. I much rather keep them where I can find them, captioning them with my thoughts so that I can look back through here later (kind of like an online diary).

Networking – gosh, where do I start. You get to communicate with so many fantastic people from all around the world, and read a little of their life too. Through here I’ve spoke to Americans whose blogs are full of amazing landscape photos, people from Thailand who are a.m.a.z.i.n.g cooks, and Australians who have introduced me to some great fashion brands. That experience is priceless.



  1. No Photoshop? No Problem! I had Photoshop on one of my old laptops, but now use a free program called Paint.net on my new one. I’ve had it for years, and I’ve experienced little in the way of limitation when switching back to it. For bloggers it has everything you could ever need to do, it looks like Photoshop, but it’s not over-complicated! Download some fonts to go with it from dafont.com and you’re good to go. 
  2. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. I cannot stress this enough how useful Twitter can be in gaining traffic to your blog. Share every post on it, multiple times if you have to (but don’t spam!). My blog traffic increased ten fold when I started getting involved in chats too! Lifestyle Bloggers chat is Wednesday and Sunday 7-8 #lbloggers,  PABChat (general blogger chat) is Sunday 5-6 #pabchat, and there is many many more including beauty, film, books, socialbloggers etc. Also scheduling tweets for different times of the day can help reach different people who may not be on your time schedule. 
  3. Never underestimate the power of a comment. Commenting on other peoples blogs is such a great way to gain interest in your own, and you might even make a few friends along the way!
  4. Now for the camera talk. Lots of people are going to have better cameras than you, no matter what camera you have – do not let the quality of other peoples photos make you feel intimidated. DSLR, point and shoot, your phone camera, as long as it takes photos that clearly show that the subject is a dog not a smudge on the lens then we are good to go. 
  5. Use your blog as an excuse. Your blog can open up a world of opportunities. For example, I hated going outdoors and going for “walks”, but the idea of taking some photos while I was out there to blog about was motivation for me to do it. Same with blogger events and meeting new people! 
  6. Measuring growth. I know you’re tempted to, but do not look at your stats today! Growth should be measured on a scale of every couple of months, not every couple of days. Only that way can you see how your readership is progressing (and even if it isn’t, so what!)
  7. Base your blog on your personality and interests only that way can you make sure you are being unique and true to yourself. If I just wrote a post every few days about a beauty product I own, knowing that those types of posts are popular in the world of blogging, I would be bored and no different to many other (but very awesome) blogs out there. If it’s exciting for you then it’ll stay alive, and most readers are there because they like the personality that is shining through.
  8. Add a ‘Pin This’ gadget – Blogger and Pinterest are becoming good friends, and adding some code which allows people to pin your photos to their Pinterest boards opens up a whole new audience of social media users and directly links back to your blog!
  9. Be a savvy shopper – reading blogs, and working on your own, can sometimes cause spending slurges in order to make new posts. Excessive shopping happens to us all at some point. Fashion bloggers: discover Vinted, it’s a phone app that sells womens clothes in really good condition and for a fraction of their retail value – it’s also a great way of selling old clothes to make money for new ones (I’ve made over £150!)

So, you’ve probably read enough now. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little post and gained some motivation to go forth and post! 


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