North Wales #2 – Chester Zoo + City Walks

I know Chester Zoo isn’t in Wales, but it is super accessible from Wales and only about a 10 minute drive from the actual border!

I don’t support many zoos. It upsets me to see animals in captivity, especially when they are made to do shows. However, Chester Zoo is exactly what a zoo should be – it’s focus is firmly on education of the public, conservation, and working with partners around the globe to reintroduce threatened animals safely back into the wild. How much they invest in projects abroad and what they do can be accessed on their website. 

Most of their animals are involved in breeding programs, and I have never seen enclosures so big! And so for all of these reasons, I will visit and support Chester Zoo.

(and they have beautiful gardens too.)

This may look like a massive greenhouse but it was actually a huge enclosure where birds were free to fly around you!

The amazingly huge Galapagos tortoise! 

I got some great videos of this little guy!

We had been having great weather, and one afternoon Dan and I decided to go for – what we thought would be – a little walk. We were based in the tiny city of Bangor, and at the very end of the high street in the direction of the bay is the start of a long long walk. We ended up walking over 5 miles before turning back, we could have gone all the way into the Snowdonia National Park! Anyway, we saw ducks, lambs, and mountains so I was happy.

Just goes to show that even in a ‘city’ you’re not far from a little greenery!

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