I don’t know about you, but I find reading posts about other people’s stats really helpful for planning future content and analyzing why some people’s blogs are more memorable than others. Making the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your blog can be quite daunting, but as someone who is trying to work on their content I know the frustrations of trying to make your content matter.

I looked at my most popular posts of all time today (since 2012!), and although some of my posts I expected to be up there, like a giveaway, some of the others I really could not explain the popularity of. 

So let’s take a look at what has been making my blog tick!



This is probably no surprise to anyone but my most popular post of all time is a giveaway. This was way back in 2013 and was posted in the first month that I ever got a 4 figure view count in one month. The highest views my blog had before that was 390, but that month I saw over 4000, and after that my blog views started to slowly climb every month. It is also one of the posts with the highest amount of comments (although all giveaway related). However, even after 3 years this is still my most popular post, showing that giveaways no matter the blogs age increase blog views dramatically. However, this isn’t necessarily great for your stats, as it will increase your bounce rate and isn’t guaranteed to equate to loyal readers. 

My blog views per month have never been as low as pre-giveaway post, however it wasn’t published in one of the months where I gained a high amount of views. Months where I have posted more regularly have gained many more views across the whole month, proving that you don’t have to organize giveaways to increase your blog stats. 


4 out of 9 of my most popular posts are tutorials, tutorials that cover a wide range of topics from reading to masters degrees to blogging. Unlike giveaways, tutorials can be promoted anytime on social media so long as your advice has not gone out of date, and it is these kinds of posts which I add to Buffer (a Twitter scheduler) to be re-tweeted about every couple of weeks, and they still get read. My third most read post was based on the aspect of saving money, and as a consumer I know that I am drawn to posts that involve doing things on a budget too.

Tutorials and saving money advice are also great posts to write about if you are struggling to think of blog content (that’s why we here today, hehe), as you can do a tutorial on nearly everything, from blogging, to social media, to DIY, to beauty etc. 


So this section makes me want to weep a bit. The other 4 of my most popular posts are made up of travel and beauty posts. Specifically, three travel posts, and one beauty post. Bearing in mind that I want my blog to be a travel blog, the beauty post was way above the three travel posts. Sorry Mexico, Sweden and Tokyo, but a hell of a lot more people wanted to read a beauty comparison post.

My extremely rare beauty post is always in my popular post widget on my side bar, even though it was published in 2013. What I take from this is that even though people are coming to my blog in 2016 for all things life and travel, that they are still attracted to other types of content on my blog if they can visually see it on my home page. I’ve also been recently seeing a skin care post that I published last year in my side bar a lot too, so I may try and squeeze in some more international beauty posts (still travel related, amirite?), because apparently that’s what people like reading. 

These posts are still not as popular as my tutorials, but if you are enjoying what you write about then it doesn’t matter about stats!


And now to what is popular this month, (the skincare and THAT beauty post are there and I cry inside), but most of what is here are posts that I have been promoting on Twitter though Buffer. Most of these are recent posts, although my tutorials from throughout the years are there too, and I know for sure that this is because of click from Twitter. According to Google, none of these were found through search engines (this is bad, but good for this example, I guess!), so I can only gather that what is being read on my blog this month is new and old posts that I’ve actively promoted. 

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