melbourne summer night market


The people of  Melbourne love food. I mean, everyone loves food, but Melbourne loves great food. I always think that the best food can be found in markets, although finding a truly interesting market which makes me want to part with my money is hard to find.

If you know anything about Melbourne then you probably know about the Queen Victoria Market, an absolutely massive indoor+outdoor market that runs every single day of the week apart from holidays. But the day market has nothing on the Summer Nights Market, which runs evening and night, every Wednesday in the same place, during the warmer months.

The night market brings the QVM alive with so many street food venders that you will go broke before you try all of the ones that you want, some actually decent clothes for young people, alcohol and entertainment.


chinese food at summer nights market

chinese melbourne summer night market


I wish that I had a camera that could pick up all of the smoke along this shot. There was just so much food being cooked.

At a guess, I would say there was about 60 food stalls, with something for everyone to enjoy. There was an unbelievable choice of world foods; Asian, Greek, Turkish, European – and also types of foods, with many of them catering towards sweet tooth’s and vegans.






Lamb marinaded in 72 hours – demolished by me in 72 seconds.




ny waffles melbourne market

churros melbourne summer market


But it’s so much more than just food. At the time I was there, there was three live artists playing for crowds who were actually enjoying what they were hearing. It was a great atmosphere, even if you didn’t want to spend any money.

And the shopping – not just your average market junk, they were quality and unique stalls that had you interested. All of the clothing was either handmade or vintage.





I especially love whoever turned this old tram into a vintage shop. They had the best second hand Levi shorts for a price that would make people in the UK cry with happiness, and there was even more inside of the tram, which I decided not to go into because I need to save that dollar.


In between the clothes stalls is something for everyone. Bits and Bobs that are interesting to look at.





But be warned, everyone knows the secret of the Summer Nights Market and how good it is, so it can get a little busy…






So the food can be a bit pricey for what it is – but I can’t think of a better place to hang out with some friends on a sunny night, to have great food, do some unique shopping, and have a few drinks while chilling to live music.