Remembering a North East Childhood

There is nothing I love more than hunting out my old baby photos and having a good laugh at what my parents dressed me in, and what they wore themselves. I had the Tots TV and Barney look down!

I was born in 1993, and brought up in a council house by my Mam, Uncles, and Nanna and Grandad – all under one roof.
We had no grassy garden – we had a small yard of about 12ft by 15ft, with a badly concreted floor, and brick walls lined with broken glass to stop anyone hopping over and breaking in. Sounds dull right, but actually some of my happiest memories were in that horrible little yard. I had a paddling pool in it (not for long though, the floor ripped it), and it was where me and my Nanna would sit and peel potatos into the sink bucket.  My Nanna always wore a pinny – kind of like a kitchen apron with a huge front pocket, that she never seemed to take off, and was always full of clothes pegs.

Signature Pinny and Perm!  (Baby is my Best Friend)

She used to sing songs to me about the Blaydon Races, and take me for chips and gravy if I had been ‘a good lass’. I couldn’t really misbehave though, my childhood consisted of me stood in my cot, holding the sides for support, and dancing to Barney and Mr Blobby. Like anyone my age, I too was obsessed with Disney videos on a small bulky CRT tv, and my Mam tells me that for an entire year, every week I wanted to watch the ‘damy-shoons’ (101 Dalmations…).

With the BFF.

In 1997 my uncle bought a Playstation 1, and I can honestly say that was possibly a defining moment in my life. Seriously. For the next two years I played games with my uncle, and apparently this was all I wanted to do, I didn’t even want a break to eat – I was loving life! My uncle never actually informed me that the controller I was using wasn’t plugged in the whole time…

In 1998 I got one of these badboys…

I only remember having two games for it though, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. I honestly thought that was the best thing ever, I could actually be Ariel the Mermaid, even though I was sat in my now Thomas the Tank Engine themed bedroom. I would soon enough be graced with my own PS1, but not until I had spent another couple of years watching my uncle play Silent Hill and Resident Evil, where I had to hide my eyes everytime he shouted ‘bad things!’.

My first mobile phone was a Nokia 3210 that I got when I was 12, and only used for in case I was kidnapped or dying, and I loved that thing!

I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood as I was taking my clothes out of the washing mashine and moving them into the dryer today – if they were around in my childhood then my Nanna’s signature pinny, the main thing I remember her by, would not have existed on her – she wouldn’t feel the need to carry pegs around every day, all day. Now, I am going to turn off my laptop, take my VCR playing boxy TV out of the attic, and plug my PS1 into it, and try and relive a little bit of the careless and worryless time that for me was the 1990s.