Ice Bar – Stockholm

Who could visit Stockholm and not visit the Ice Bar, owned by the same company as the famous Ice Hotel in northern Sweden?

All of the ice has been made with water from a river, including your glass, which you are expected to recycle through the wall. The room is only -7, and when you are inside it doesn’t actually feel cold or uncomfortable, although you are given awesome fluffy ponchos and gloves to wear. When you leave the bar however, it is then that you realise how cold it was, when the warm air rushes at you.

Drinks are expensive, however we only went for the experience. Their cocktails however are super tasty!

The only things in the room which are not ice is the ceiling and floor!

There is a great atmosphere; they played great music, the small crowd made it feel really social, and it was an overall amazing experience.

I really want to stay at the Ice Hotel now, and for someone who hates ice, that is a massive thing for me!


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Ice Bar – Stockholm