Stockholm in a Weekend

You may have been wondering where I have been (or not, that’s cool too!), well – I’ve been in Stockholm. It’s not the usual holiday destination, however my fellow explorer isn’t too fond of hot weather and who wouldn’t want to go to the beautiful Scandinavian countries once in their lives?

Stockholm is definitely a surprise. It is made up of a few islands, meaning lots of water to be explored by boat, with some beautiful waterfront views. Stockholm is both old, and modern, and architecturally stunning. There are so many beautiful cafes and restaurants, all decorated amazingly (although, very pricey!).

The locals are friendly, and don’t mind posing for a few photos!

(Ok, so maybe didn’t exactly just find these roaming the streets)*

And even people who don’t fuss over boats will be blown away by this early 17th century ship which sank on it’s maiden voyage. It was so well preserved, and the decoration on it was still mostly there, making for an amazing history lesson.

The weather in April was a right mix, on some days it was bright and sunny, but on others it was cloudy and rainy, so definitely take jumpers, scarves and gloves!


I would so recommend Stockholm as a weekend city break, there is so much to see and do, and although there is some tacky tourist areas such as the medieval part of the city in Gamla Stan, the city is mostly authentic and genuine, unlike some other city destinations where you are swamped with cheap tourism.

We also visited THE Ice Bar – but you can see more about it in the post I wrote on it here.


Come back to the blog tomorrow if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, trust me! – (future me- click here!!!)

*These animals were in a Zoo in an open museum called Skansen. I don’t usually visit zoos as I don’t agree with them and they make me upset how the way the animals are kept, however this zoo had few animals over a large space, meaning that enclosures were incredibly large, even for the water animals. The wolves appeared to have a forest to themselves!

I visited Sweden in the summer, it was okay, but here’s 10 reasons to visit Sweden in Winter!


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