Swiss Bliss

It’s Tuesday! And in the spirit of getting myself back into blogging I thought I’d start myself off on a Throw Back Tuesday series!

When I first started this blog I shared some travel photos from mine and my Dads drive around Europe – seeing as my blog has grown a lot in two years I thought I’d share them again with my new followers.













We passed directly through the middle of Switzerland when travelling from Germany to Italy. We didn’t expect much in the way of sights, but how surprised we were. Between stunning drive views and some unexpected overnight camping we saw some of the most stunning landscapes of our whole month trip.

Even better was our stop inside a huge Toblerone shop. Yum!
Switzerland is an extremely peaceful country, and I was surprised by how quiet it was, it was definitely a break from the German autobahns.

We enjoyed our brief visit so much that we hope to return to Switzerland to go camping, however it is very expensive for tourists, although when I went in 2012 I found it no more expensive than Sweden.

Hope you enjoyed my first part in the series, leave me your thoughts on this beautiful country!

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