Instax Mini 8 Review

My inner hipster died and went to heaven when I was gifted this on Valentines day.

I left it for a long time before doing a review, as one of these cameras takes time getting to know. Unlike a digital camera, you have to make your own judgements on what kind of setting you need this camera on to make sure your photos come out just right. This is something that I still struggle with, some of my photos come out too dark, some come out too light, but when you get it just right, you get something truly perfect.

Some people going from point and shoot camera may find this a little big, it’s not a one hand job, and it’s certainly not portable for small handbags. But being realistic, you’re not going to carry this around day to day, so size really isn’t a thing.

I first saw these in Japan in 2013, and fell in love with them straight away. By the time I had got back to the UK, they were growing in popularity on YouTube, and they have now finally made it into stores such as Jessops, where they price at around £80.

For a camera, I think that is pretty good, and it would make a lovely little gift for someone special. But of course you have to remember refills, something 18 year olds and under may not be familiar with when it comes to cameras! The best place to buy refills is ebay!

A mixture of outdoor shots; as you can see the camera works really well in bright, sunny conditions, and it can be a little bit temperamental on cloudy days. At times I’ve found myself discarding one shot, and trying again on a different setting. Yes, this means you’ve wasted one precious film, but that is the challenge (or fun) of having an instant camera.

The camera has a flash which comes on indoors. Personally I really like the effect that this gives off, something that cannot be replicated on digital cameras. I’ve had very little problem with the camera and indoors, an area that I thought would be problematic!

You aren’t going to get good photos every time. The second polaroid here was me trying to take a photo outside at night, and I’ve just accepted that that will never happen. But if you don’t want wasting shots to get a good image, then that shouldn’t matter, even though it does bump the price up.

Overall though I actually love my camera. It’s a fun, different way of taking photos. I save mine for special events or places, and in a world of sharing photos on facebook for hundreds of people to see, it’s a lovely touch of intimacy.

Thanks for reading, if you have any tips you would like to share about the Instax please leave them below 🙂

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