How to Read More on a Budget!

Wandering around Waterstones, lusting after all of the big beautiful books, is one of my favorite things…until my basket starts to creep up to hundreds of pounds and I realize that with the rate of my reading habits I cannot afford to splurge £10 on a single book. Luckily I’m now skilled in being a savvy book shopper, and haven’t bought a single book brand new since the start of the year!

Find your nearest second hand bookstore

I didn’t realize until I discovered the wonderful Barter Books store in Alnwick, but some second hand book stores will take your unwanted books in return for store credit, that you can then run wild on! If you’re a fellow North East person, then you my friend are in luck! Barter Books in Alnwick is so worth the trip if you have a box of unwanted books, from two trips I managed to clear four bookshelves and gained over £80 in store credit, to spend throughout their entire library of books!

If you feel like having a splurge of new books but can only afford so much, spend that on transport and take up some bags of old books have yourself a new book haul!

Charity shops are your friend!

I buy 99% of my books from charity shops and always have. At first I thought that I would never find recently published books that I would want in there but you would be surprised, many people buy brand new books and then donate them to charity if they don’t think that they will ever read them again. When Rebecca (@rebeccareadsyt) and I go on our monthly charity shop sprees in Newcastle we always start out in Waterstones, and every single time we have seen a book in there that we have wanted to buy but then found it for a couple of quid down the road in the British Heart Foundation. If you’re into YA books, you might have a bit of trouble finding those – not a lot of young readers part with their books apparently! 

Book Swap with a friend

Don’t want to part with your favorite book but dying to read other great books recommended by your friends? If you trust that you’re friend won’t feed your prized possessions to their dog then swap some of your fav reads for theirs. If you can live with cracked spines that is!

Got an iPad? Apple books is your new love

When I first purchased my iPad I had no intentions of using it as a kindle. I knew that you could download the Amazon Kindle app on there, effectively making it a fully fledged kindle, but it took me a while to notice the full potential of Apple’s own book app. Remember when iTunes used to have a track of the week? Apple books still have that feature and it is so worth checking often. I’ve managed to get some amazing new releases for free, and books from best sellers such as Robin Hobb. They are easy to find on the home page of Apple Books and change every week. There’s also a whole section of free books, usually by independent authors and publishers, but some of them are great chick flicks (I recommend looking for Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes, and In Too Deep by Mara Jacobs). If I’m ever in a reading slump I download something from Apple books, which only takes me about a day or two to read, and it usually gets me back into the swing of things.

Review for Books

I swear down, the holy grail of every avid reader should be Netgalley work with most major publishing houses to give ARC (advanced reader copies) of books in return for a review on their website. I’ve had so many books from here, for free, which I’ve seen published in Waterstones months down the line. It’s always a little bit of a thrill to say, ‘I read that book before it came out!’. You can’t just download books willy-nilly, you have to apply for them, and reasons for being rejected are usually because the quota of requests has already been filled or because of location restrictions. If you are accepted for a book then you have a certain amount of time to send that to your kindle address, then you have as long as it takes to read it. My favorite request of mine was Armada by Ernest Cline, which I found just after finishing Ready Player One!

Hope you’ve made some new discoveries here, happy blogging during December everyone!

Ness x

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