Bucerias and Eateries

Our hotel was on a massive stretch of beach, literally, right on the beach. Take a right out of the Riu hotels on Banderes Bay and walk for about 45 minutes and you come to Buceries, a little town that we visited one morning.

Bucerias doesn’t have much. The plaza is lined with friendly sports bars, which were pretty quiet when we walked past, and the flee market is just filled with typical tourist crap, HOWEVER – the Tequila shop is something else.

It was empty when we walked past, and it was only the bottles in the window that caught my eye. It’s a rustic shop, with wooden fittings, and I can’t believe that I forgot to take photos. The woman working there was really nice and encouraged us to try loads of different flavored tequilas for NOTHING. In the end we left with a fancy bottle of chocolate tequila, to add to our growing collection of fancy alcohols in the bar that is the cupboard above the stairs.

It was a cloudy day and we couldn’t be bothered wandering far, so the only other thing we did was admire the street art, of which there was plenty.

Back at our hotel we had booked a reservation at a steakhouse restaurant for late night. The restaurant was literally on the beach and it was FANTASTIC.

If you’ve never ate on a quiet beach at night time, add that to your bucketlist. It was surreal.



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Pacific Coast Mexico
Bucerias and Eateries