Thomson and Riu Jalisco

We booked or little break through Thomson, to save on the stress of booking everything separately – which I usually do – but it was so much cheaper to go to Mexico from the UK through a package holiday provider. We stayed in a Riu hotel, a popular chain for Thomson, but I had never stayed in one before. As a chain of 4 and 5 star hotels I had big expectations.

So if you want a review – jump right in!

We flew to Mexico on a Thomson Dreamliner 787, a fairly new aircraft for Thomson which they now use for all long distant flights. They are something of a big thing for the package holiday company, as they branch out their holiday destinations to destinations such as Thailand, a place that you’d never expect to be able to book from a UK high street holiday provider.

Anyway, for a company like Thomson it was a great aircraft, comparable to the experience I had on a £600 return flight on an Emirates journey to Japan. Economy was comfy and roomy, with two free meals and drinks. The cabin height was really high, great for those who don’t like confined spaces. There was also on board entertainment, and lots of it. Everyone has a touchscreen TV in the back of the seat in front with current movies, music, games, and an info screen for updates on the progress of your flight.

We stayed in the Riu Jalisco, which I would recommend for young’uns like us, as it had a great vibe with pool entertainment and volleyball on the beach.

The room was actually a hell of a lot bigger than what it seems on here, with a great shower behind the camera here.

Oh, and a drinks cabinet and fridge full of drinks that was also included. Because y’know, why not.

Can I eat by the beach every day please?

The wildlife was erm….different.

 The hotel was great, with 5 restaurants to choose from. The steak house was amazing, and the opportunity to eat by the beach at night time was something else.

However, I do have one massive complaint. Alex got food poisoning, very very badly. It was over the last three days and he spent about two weeks at home recovering from it. Not good Riu, not good.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more class, the Riu Palace which is a 5 minute walk from this hotel might be more up your street. It was quiet, elegant, and we had a few drinks there one day, but it really wasn’t the atmosphere for a 22 year old couple.

Yeh, elegant really isn’t our scene.

Would I use Riu hotels again, despite the food poisoning? Yeh, I think so! The hotels were really nice for the price, and a bit of food poisoning can be expected anywhere in an all inclusive – you just have to be really careful.

Hope this has given you some insight into our hotel experience!

See you next week!

Ness xx



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Thomson and Riu Jalisco