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It’s been nearly a week since we landed in Melbourne (and Australia for the first time), so I thought that I’d make a first impressions post. I had no idea what to expect of Australia, but even though I can with no expectations I was still taken a-back by what I found on the other side of the planet.


melbourne queen victoria market


We chose Melbourne as our base after reading that it had been found to the the world’s most liveable city six years running, and that it also has the most amount of restaurants, bars and cafes per capita than any other city. As total foodies, this was a major selling point.

As the plane began to descend over Melbourne to land we were stunned with how large the Melbourne area actually is. But down on the ground, its easy to forget just how vast the Melbourne Metropolitan area is, as streets feel open and airy, and there is none of that fast paced moving crowding that you see in cities such as London.


hosier lane

hosier lane november 2016


Our journey to Melbourne from our home in the UK took over 27 hours, with no sleeping in this time, therefore we have been really struggling with jet lag. I would recommend every have at one/two night stop over on our connection flight if flying to Australia from the UK, that amount of flying just is not good for you physically and mentally. Because of our jet lag, we haven’t felt like doing much in Melbourne so far, but what we have seen is fantastic.

Melbourne is famous for two things, street art and coffee, and you can spend days wandering around the streets in the sun (weather permitting) looking for the lane. The art in Hosiers Lane has been our favourite so far, and we are yet to jump into the mass of coffee shops.




We already knew this before coming, but Australia is generally expensive, and we are finding Melbourne to be very expensive when taking into account the rubbish pound to AUD exchange rate, so we haven’t been able to do some of the sightseeing that we wanted to do just yet.


For now we are taking our time, but I’ll have plenty of posts up in the future as we discover more of one of the worlds most loved cities.


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