The Best of Melbourne’s Beaches

brighton beach huts

Australia is home to some of the most famous beaches in the world. From the white sands of Queensland to Bondi, you’ll know of them. However Melbourne, the city of street art and coffee, is not quite a well known for it’s beaches, despite having over 10 of them.

You can access a number of them from public transport, and they are all different in their own ways, but if you had to only make use of one on a quick stop through Melbourne, which should it be?


St Kilda Beach

St Kilda is a lively coastal suburb, incredibly popular with backpackers, just a twenty minute tram ride from the CBD. On a hot day the beach is packed, but in a way that creates a fantastic atmosphere.

There’s bars and restaurants along the front, a market every sunday, and the occasional festival!

st kilda city view st kilda pier st kilda

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is take the long walk along St Kilda pier.

There is three reasons:

1) There is food at the end

2) You get an amazing city view of Melbourne


st kilda penguin

You might be confused about what is going on in this photo; the sun wash hash and this little guy wanted to hide, but PENGUINS have chosen to make their home at the end of St Kilda pier.

The best time to see them is in the evening, but it really is something else to see wild penguins in the most unusual of places.

The beach at St Kilda isn’t all that. The sand isn’t the best, and the water is usually occupied by kite surfers. But if you’re looking to sit in the sun and people watch with a cider, this is the best place, hands down.

We sat for an hour watching kite-surfers, skateboarders, and even a nice man on a long-board offering people free long-board lessons.

luna park luna park

Travelling with Children? Luna Park, an old Victorian beach-side amusement park, will keep them occupied! You can wander around it for free, which is what we did for a short while looking at all of the old rides and decorations, which was something that we hadn’t really seen before.

The entrance, on a gloomy day, makes me think of something out of Gotham for some reason though.


St Kilda Beach, best for: Alcohol, children, people watching, penguins, sports, lively atmosphere.



Looking for a more relaxing, picturesque beach? Brighton Beach is my absolute favourite for that. Bring a waterproof GoPro, your best bikini and a beach hat, because you’re going to spend a long time taking photos in this beautiful place.

Brighton Beach is further from the city than St Kilda, but only 30 minutes by train on the Sandringham line from Flinders Street.

brighton beachbrighton beachbrighton beach

Get off the train at the last of the Brighton stops called Brighton Beach – this is the part without the beach huts, which we found to be quieter and better for swimming.

On a hot day the sand is blistering, so bring a beach towel and cool off in the sea.


But be warned, the sea is still cold. (Yes my bikini is mismatched, what of it?)

When you’re done playing in the sea and sunbathing, dry off with a walk along the path to the right, and follow the coast along. In about 10 minute’s you’ll see the famous Brighton Beach huts, each uniquely painted.

brighton beachbrighton beach hutsbrighton beach hutsbrighton beach hutsbrighton beach huts

These beach huts may seem small, but some of them are dreamy on the inside.

A few people had theirs open (I was too scared to ask to take a photo), and inside they had modern kitchenettes and sofas, hammocks, and book cases.

They were absolutely stunning, and I kept thinking about how fun it would be to do one up. It totally changed my perception of what you could and couldn’t do with a shed.

This area of the beach is quite busy though, especially around the Australia flag shed!


Brighton Beach, best for: Picnics, relaxing, sunbathing, photos, swimming.


So there you go, whether you’re looking for a lively but sunny place to have a drink and do some people watching, or a sandy haven to read a book and top up your tan, the best of Melbourne’s beaches provides both. Both beaches are incredibly easy to access by public transport, within half an hour of the CBD.

Penguins or beach huts, the choice is yours!



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