Melbourne’s Best Kept Secret

Fitzroy, Collingwood, South Yarra – all Melbourne suburbs that people crave to live in, or visit by recommendation of their guidebooks. Yes, they are trendy and hip, but there are suburbs with just as much character waiting to be explored.

One day I stumbled upon the inner-western suburb of Yarraville and completely fell in love.

Despite being only 15 minutes on the train from Flinders Street (Williamstown and Werribee line), Yarraville has a village feel to it, and the perfect place to have Brunch on a sunny day. The main shopping area is small but well thought out, with every shop decorated so well that it will make your Instagram scream with delight.

Okay, so it may be a bit snobbish to love an area for it’s aesthetic appeal, but I love to see the effort that small business owners put into making their small space something special.

I didn’t take a camera (cry), so I’m going to let said businesses Instagram pages do the talking.

A post shared by Wee Jeanie ( on

A post shared by Wee Jeanie ( on

Yarraville has an unbelievable amount of coffee shops. Not only that, they are all decked out in beautiful modern industrial eleganza. I began to wonder how they all survived, being literally door to door, but then again, it’s Melbourne, and Melbs loves coffee.


Yarraville is also a food haven. Healthy and organic easteries are in abundance here, and I really recommend the Low Cal Burger shop a block from the train station. I’ve never ate a burger and never felt bloated before, until trying the Field of Dreams veggie burger from there – yum!

Friend or Pho is a healthy Vietnamese restaurant, where their food is as good as their choice of name!


In terms of shopping and entertainment, Yarraville has you covered. From boutique clothes shops, to organic food shops, to a retro theatre – you can really spend all day here!

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You get the picture. Yarraville might be worlds away from Melbourne’s CBD in terms of size and liveliness, but what it does have is quality in abundance that you would struggle to find elsewhere.

If it’s a sunny day, take the train even further to Williamstown beach after breakfast at Yarraville for a perfect relax away from the city.


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