I’m Getting Married!

When I started this blog at the age of 18, in my AWFUL student digs in Wales, I never expected that I would be writing this post.

8 Years later I’m here, sharing with you a story of how I got engaged.


Here’s me at Tokyo Disneyland this summer. Before my now *fiance* and I had left to go to on our 3 week Japan extravaganza I had spent 9 months planning to propose to him. Totally non-traditional, but nothing about us is conventional. In an age of “why not?” I literally asked myself that – what was stopping me, as a woman, proposing to a man.


Fast forward to the fortnight before we left. I had bought a beautiful watch, with lots of technical gadgets that I still do not understand, and was ready to go on my trip. I would take him to Mt Fuji and pull out the watch – how romantic of me.

But there was one – sort of LARGE – problem. How would I get the watch to Japan without him noticing? It was the most expensive thing that I had ever bought, so I couldn’t put it in checked in luggage, and if I put it in my hand luggage I would run the risk of him seeing it if I had to take it out of my bag during screening at security.

I couldn’t see a solution. I was starting to panic. For years I had been dreaming of being stood at the base of Mt Fuji and being proposed to, and that I was coming so close to it started to make me freak. Of course, he picked up on this.

Before we left, on a red hot evening, when we were both melting into our sofa, he asked me what was wrong. I hadn’t told anyone my plan, enjoying that I had kept this secret to myself for so long (if I’d told someone, I might have found a solution to the transport issue, I guess), so the stress was showing.

I cracked. I pulled out the watch from down the side of the sofa and gave it to him. He knew what it was and said yes straight away.

And then we went to Japan.



Only I didn’t have a ring.

So as I was looking for the above super cute outfit in one of the Merchandise shops (my first stop in Disney, for ears of course), he picked out a ¥1500 (£12) costume ring and I could not have been happier!


The absolute dream photo that I never thought I would take.

So all in all, it worked out absolutely fine. I may not have got my Mt Fuji moment but I still could not have been happier.


Our wedding is booked for next summer, and although my Disney engagement ring will always hold sentimental value, I have another ring on my finger now.


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I’m Getting Married!