Visiting Japan in June – Tsuyu “Rainy Season”

japan rain tsuyu season june

Last October I was lay on our bedroom floor cursing myself. I had made a rookie error, and I thought it would lead to nothing but disappointment and upset.

I had failed to check the weather forecast for our trip to Japan.


Tsuyu Season

If you search on Google, “I’m going to Japan in June” the majority of the results are forum posts of people worrying about the weather.

Tsuyu season – wet season – is a period of several weeks typically in June and July (although this varies depending on where you are geographically). Most reports that I read quoted the average rainfall for the months of June and July at 200mm of rain.

Immediately my mind went to, ‘what could I wear?’ ‘would Disneyland still be open?’ ‘would I even be able to leave the hotel?’ and seemingly I was not the only person with worries, given what I was reading on the internet.

Had I actually done the research before hand, I would not have booked to visit in June.

However I am here to tell you, that visiting Japan in June has been the best travel decision I have ever made.


It Rained Twice

I feel like I must make a comparison here. I have now had two extended periods of time in Japan. This 3 week trip I have just taken, and a 6 week trip in 2013 that was across August and September. In my experience, September by far had more rain and more rainy days than my trip in June.

June may be seen as part of the ‘rainy season’, but that doesn’t mean that it will be the rainiest.

In fact it only rained twice on our visit that we know of (it may have rained through the night and dried by morning and we may not have noticed), and on those days we just indoor activities. You could visit for 100 days of heavy rain and find 100 ways to be entertained indoors.

The photos above are two different days at Disney, taken 2 weeks apart and we had glorious weather on both days.

japan rain tsuyu season june japan rain tsuyu season june

Cheap Hotels, Flights and Low Crowds

June and July are low season. In fact, if you try and search for when the cheapest times to visit Japan are, most travellers only make reference to June in regards to it being a time to avoid travel.

This behaviour is clearly reflected in the travel market too. Had we chosen to take our exact flights two months prior the price would have been a whopping 4 figure sum, coming in at double the price.

We also stayed in good quality hotels, with massive amounts of space and high tech kitchen and bathrooms. The suites we stayed in were the biggest we have ever stayed in, and also the second cheapest (Thailand being at the top, obviously).

At attractions such as Asakusa and Takeshita Street, the crowds were bearable during the mid day rush, but quiet if you got there morning and afternoon. TokyoDisney was quiet, and the longest we waited without fast passes was one hour for a ride at peak time.


japan rain tsuyu season june

Japan is Alive

The best part about visiting in June was how lush the vibrant the landscape became. June and July are the best times to see colourful Hydrangeas, but good luck trying to take a photo with them, there’s always a line of people in Kimono trying to get a good headshot.

The low amount of tourism makes visiting temples extra special. Getting to enjoy the silence of the grounds is a very spiritual experience, and I would visit Japan during constant rain if it meant that I could have this experience again.

mt fuji from shinkansen

And I also got my first glimpse of Mt Fuji! Ok it was from the shinkansen, but still, when I was in the mindset of taking advice from travellers online about visiting in June, all had said that seeing Mt Fuji during rainy season was impossible due to rain clouds descending from very early hours. This photo was taken about 1pm, and I now regret not planning a day trip.


Would I Visit Japan Again in June?

100%. Absolutely. 

Don’t get me wrong – some days the heat and humidity were almost unbearable, but this may have been the case for me because I am from colder Northern climates where humidity is never a thing. But the balance of cost and experience of this trip were perfect.

No matter where you go, or when, weather is a gamble with mother nature. Weather is unpredictable at best, and we had the best weather that we could have asked for.

I am here to tell you to ignore those who say you should not visit Japan during Tsuyu. I did, and I got a sunburn.



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Visiting Japan in June – Tsuyu “Rainy Season”