Wanderness is a travel and lifestyle blog by Vanessa. I am inspired to be creative, to see more, and experience a life beyond borders. Once I had my first experience of wanderlust as a child there was no going back, and nothing has satisfied my life since.

As of 2016, Wanderness has seen trips all across Europe and Japan, with some all inclusive holiday’s thrown in for good measure. Soon I’ll be moving to Australia for work and travel, so you’ll see Wanderness become more of a backpacker retreat.

I hope you find my blog an honest, humors account of a young women abroad, on search something more to life than a day job and council house.



F. A. Q.

– My Camera is a Canon 600d, and it’s pretty good, I’d recommend.

– I’m quite talkative over on Twitter, and would love for you to message me @wanderness!

– I do work to support my travels and mostly do part time minimum wage work.

– I went to Durham University, and Bangor University and happy to recommend them.

– You can advertise for free if you’re a blogger, see my contact page.

– I am always looking to work with brands that fit the Travel genre, email me at wandernessblog@gmail.com for more information.